Mortgage company changes mind over unjustified attorney's fees

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We recently filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for someone who continued to pay their mortgage throughout the 3 months of their Chapter 7. We knew that the mortgage company was in no danger of taking a loss, as all payments were current, and the mortgage company did not have to do any extra work because… Read more »

Reducing the cost of what you use Money Saving Tips

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As well as trying to spend less, could you get a better deal on the services and products you do, or don’t, need? Here’s what to do when reducing the cost of what you use. 1. TV If you pay for cable TV, are you on the right plan for the type of programs you… Read more »

Try Cheaper Options Money Saving Tips

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You can often get the same performance and quality from a similar product from a different manufacturer or supplier. Could cheaper options give you the same results and save you money? Here’s what you could try. 1. Gas There are plenty of websites and apps that will help you find the lowest price for gas… Read more »

Planning Ahead Money Saving Tips

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Planning ahead can save you money. Do you often need to find money at the last minute? Never have enough money for birthdays presents or car repairs? Mean to save up but never do? Here’s what we think you should consider doing. 1. Food Write a menu for the week, based on what’s in your cupboards… Read more »

Home and Garden Money Saving Tips

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Are you happy in your Minnesota home? Is it costing you a lot, but worth it to your family? Is it really too big for the two of you or much too small for a growing family? Need some home and garden money saving tips to help you make more or spend less? How could… Read more »

Victory for Bennett Hartz

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Image of Bennett Hartz Bankruptcy Attorney

We were recently delighted when Bennett Hartz, our St Paul Bankruptcy attorney and consumer law practitioner won another big victory for one of our clients against a bank. Following Bennett’s advice, our client, Judy Murphy, sued Synchrony Bank for multiple violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. These included constant and vexatious debt collection calls… Read more »

Practical personal ways to spend less money

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Here are some practical personal ways to help you spend less money. 41. Stop smoking It’s obvious, and you already know it, but we’re going to say it again. If you do smoke, then give up. It might not be as simple as just quitting, but there are various ways, groups and products to help you…. Read more »

Bills, Credit Cards and Credit Scores

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As well as managing your money better, what about getting smarter when it comes to paying your bills, choosing credit cards and checking your credit scores? This time, we’ll be looking at how you can save money by looking at your bills, credit cards and credit scores. 31. Check your credit scores regularly We strongly recommend… Read more »

Managing Your Money

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Managing your money is important if you want to save money. It sounds obvious, but spending less is often the key to saving money. Taking the time to analyze your incomings and outgoings will enable you see where your money goes each month. 1. Examine your outgoings Look at your outgoings, and see where your… Read more »

General Money Saving Tips

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Last month as part of our Money Savings Tips, we asked Are you struggling financially? This time we’re offering some general money saving tips to help you save money in Minnesota, as well as not spend money you don’t have to. Sometimes an offer is a good deal, and you don’t want to miss out… Read more »

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