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Anastasia Kazmina graduated Cum Laude from University of Minnesota Law School in 2016, and was admitted to practice law in Minnesota shortly thereafter. She has been working with Walker & Walker Law Offices, PLLC since April of 2016. She started to work as a paralegal and, later, became an associate once she obtained her license.

Anastasia works at the Walker and Walker Brooklyn Park Bankruptcy Attorneys Office.

While in the law school, Anastasia was a student attorney and, later, a student director at the University of Minnesota Law School Bankruptcy Clinic for two years. Under the supervision of a practicing attorney, she represented pro bono clients referred to the clinic by the Volunteer Lawyers Network. She also worked as a legal clerk at Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, primarily with the tax unit.

She assisted her supervising attorney to prepare offers in compromise and negotiate with the IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue on behalf of pro bono clients.

Additionally, she was a teaching assistant for the legal writing program that focused mostly on providing help with writing briefs and legal memoranda to students for who English was a second language.

Before law school, Anastasia Kazmina studied finance at Middle Tennessee State University where she transferred from Ulyanovsk State University in Russia.


Most of the people who are looking to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy have come to a point in their lives when they have to make a choice.

They need to decide whether to make payments on their houses, car loans, or utility bills, and pay off the minimum required on their credit cards, personal loans, or payday loans, even though most of those minimum payments just go towards the interest.

Bankruptcy helps these people stay afloat and prevents those creditors from sending collection notices, making harassing calls, and, finally, filing lawsuits to garnish a debtor’s wages.

Bankruptcy gives people the immediate relief from making those hard financial choices and being in this financial limbo forever. It gives people a second chance if they end up in debt due to a family emergency, unexpected medical expense or loss of a job.

No one can predict all pieces of financial bad luck, nor prevent every possible risk.  I am proud to help people get a second chance after a piece of financial misfortune.


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