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Walker and Walker Bankruptcy Attorneys was established in 1977. Over the last 40 years we have helped over 40,000 people file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Minnesota.

Being free from debt enables people like you to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Filing for bankruptcy in Minnesota helps you back on track with your financial goals like saving for retirement, sending your children to college, or buying a house.

When I started this practice, my aim was to help Minnesotans become free from debt, by filing  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Minnesota, and that hasn’t changed.

Our attention to detail, combined with our excellent service has enabled us to achieve a Minnesota bankruptcy discharge success rate of well over 99%, and allowed us to grow our practice considerably.

We now have 4 offices, in Minneapolis, St Paul, Blaine and Brooklyn Park.

Our clients have now got their lives back on track, and are able to live their lives debt free.

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Anastasia Kazmina at our Brooklyn Park Bankruptcy Attorneys Office

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